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Kugel-Stoßverbinder D30 Al
  • Kugel-Stoßverbinder D30 Al
  • Kugel-Stoßverbinder D30 Al

Ball joint butt fastener D30 Al

Consists of:
2 Connector halves ball head, GD-Al, bright
2 Connector halves ball socket, GD-Al, bright
2 Cap screws DIN 912, M6x28, St, galvanized
2 Hexagon nuts DIN 985 (self-locking), St, galvanized
m = 213.5 g
The ball joint butt fastener acts as a joint and is mounted on the face of the profile tubes to be connected. The intended immersion depth of the profile tubes in the fastener is each with 25 mm. The internal ball of the connector allows a continuous adjustment range of 180°. The assembly-ready ball joint butt fastener is delivered as a set and contents the necessary mounting set. This makes the fastener immediately ready for service. The tightening torque of the fastening screws is M = 10 Nm. If required the screw points can be closed with additionally orderable caps D30 arched R15, grey.