System and custom solutions

VARidee Profiltechnik GmbH plans, designs, and manufactures your customized special solution according to your individual requirements and desires. The modularity of our components enables us to achieve high adaptability and variability. Our aim is to provide cost-effective complete solutions with high stability, functionality, and appealing aesthetics.
Varidee Robot Cell
Assembly Line Overall
Assembly Line Storage
Assembly Line Layout
Solutions that drive your business forward

Assembly line

Are you looking for customized solutions for your production requirements? A pre-assembly line for the automotive sector offers the perfect answer to your challenges. It fits seamlessly into the production environment and is flexible and durable thanks to the use of our aluminum profiles.
Assembly Fixture Gripper 1
Assembly Fixture Gripper 2
Assembly Fixture Gripper 3
Hybrid design construction

Mounting device gripper

Our designs are created to optimize your processes, increase efficiency and maximize the quality of your products. The mounting device gripper is an example of how we can offer more than just aluminum profiles. Here, we integrate a pivoting steel frame into an aluminum frame.
Robot Cell Top
Robot Cell Side
Robot Cell Front
Your production process at the highest level

Robot cell

Customized robot cells, manufactured in high-quality profile construction, offer the possibility to change or expand your automated processes at any time. Our exclusive concepts therefore offer not only ultimate stability, but also maximum flexibility in the integration of robots and their peripherals.

We want your idea to become
a customized solution.

Wert9Voll Logo Why not completely rethink and use the aluminum profiles that have been used in the company for a long time? Based on this, wert9voll furniture was created, which allows a completely different view of the aluminum profiles. This project succeeded so successful because we was completely free of thought, action and complete detached from the previous approach. This allowed desks, room dividers, sideboards and more to be created in a new and coherent design. MoreWert9Voll Logo