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Stoßverbinder D30-90° R25 Al
  • Stoßverbinder D30-90° R25 Al
  • Stoßverbinder D30-90° R25 Al

Butt Fastener D30-90° R25 Al

Consists of:
2 Connector halves, GD-Al, bright
2 Cap screws DIN 912, M6x28, St, galvanized
2 Hexagon nuts DIN 985 (self-locking), St, galvanized
m = 211.5 g
The butt fastener D30-90° R25 Al is a solid corner connector and easy to mount. The rounded shape of the connector minimizes the risk of injury to the operator. Furthermore, a damage on the carriage is reduced by the solid construction design. The assembly-ready butt fastener is delivered as a set and includes the necessary mounting set. This makes the fastener immediately ready for service. The tightening torque of the fastening screws is M = 10 Nm. The intended immersion depth of the profile tubes in the fastener is each with 25 mm.