Bed plate connection profile 8 55x20 (6 meters)

Order number: PVP8-55x20-S6

Bars: 6.000 mm

Material: Al, anodized

A = 5,71 cm2, m= 1,599 kg/m, Wx = 1,98 cm3, Wy = 4,1 cm3, Ix = 2,12 cm4, Iy = 11,3 cm4, It = 0,77 cm4

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The bed plate connecting profile 8 55x20 can be used to create continuous grooved panels together with the bed plate profile 8 152x20. The profile grooves 8 are arranged in a grid dimension of 40 mm. The grooved panels can be mounted directly onto a wide variety of substructures or profile frames. Button-head screws M8x16 with flange, galvanised and T-slot nuts 8 St M8, galvanized are recommended for fastening. The bed plate connection profile 8 55x20 can be combined with the bed plate profile 8 152x20 on both sides.