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Gleitleiste D30, grau (Zuschnitt)
  • Gleitleiste D30, grau (Zuschnitt)
  • Gleitleiste D30, grau (Zuschnitt)

Slide Strip D30, grey (cut)

Material: PE-HD
Color: traffic grey similar to RAL 7042
Cut max.: 2000 mm
Saw Cut Type A
m = 73.5 g/m
The slide strip D30, grey enables to transform profile tubes D30 into screw conveyors. The slide strips can be clipped onto profile tubes D30 without any machining. This makes it easy to build up material chutes for transport containers or workpiece carriers. Furthermore, track widths of conveyor lines can be adjusted in the way to lateral guide KLT-containers at the guide bar automatically. This keeps transport goods on track.