Sliding-Door Guide Profile 8 40x10 (3 meter)

Sliding-Door Guide Profile 8 40x10

Material: Al, anodised

1 bar a` 3.000 mm + 50 mm

Maximum cut length: 3.000 mm

m= 0,74  kg/m

A = 2,48 cm2

Zugeschnittene bzw. individuell bearbeitete Waren sind vom Umtausch und der Warenrückgabe ausgeschlossen.

The sliding-door guide profile 8 40x10 is perfectly suited for the use of easy-running sliding doors in frame constructions or racks made of profiles of the 8 series. The guide profile is fastened to profile grooves of the 8 series by means of the separately orderable clip 8 St, galvanized (articel number: KLIPP8). The sliding door guide profile forms the basis for guiding up to two door leaves made of clip profile 8 32x18.

The sliding doors are equipped with clamping profile corner connector sets 8 32x18 and roller sets for corner connectors 8 32x18.

A total gap of 4.5 mm must be provided for installing the sliding doors.



Schiebetür-Führungsprofil 8 40x10 (3 Meter)

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