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Winkel 6 30x30 Zn Satz
  • Winkel 6 30x30 Zn Satz
  • Winkel 6 30x30 Zn Satz

Angle bracket set 6 30x30 Zn

Consists of:
Angle bracket 6 30x30 Zn, aluminum color painted
Angle bracket cap 6 30x30, PA-GF, black
2 Button-head screws ISO 7380-M6x12, St, galvanized
2 T-slot nuts 6 St M6, galvanized
m = 64.0 g
The angle bracket Zn enables a force-locked connection without processing. It can be used as additional reinforcement of connections and as a fastening element for various attachments. The angle has integrated anti-twist locks for fixing in the slot, which can be removed if necessary. A suitable fastening set for mounting on the slot as well as a cap for angle bracket are included.