roller sets for corner-fastener 8 32x18

material: PA-GF, grau

m = 12,0 g

Consisting of:

1x roller set, PA-GF, grey

1x pressure spring, piece

1x Stop, PA-GF, grey

1x cover cap, PA-GF, grau

Zugeschnittene bzw. individuell bearbeitete Waren sind vom Umtausch und der Warenrückgabe ausgeschlossen.

By installing roller sets for corner-fastener 8 32x18, easy-running sliding door leaves are created from frames. The roller sets can be inserted into the corner-fastener without additional processing. One roller set is installed per corner-fastener to guide a door leaf. The lower roller sets are installed rigidly and the upper ones spring-loaded. A spring-loaded roller set can be blocked by installing a stop included in the scope of delivery. The spring-loaded rollers allow the installation of door leaves in closed profile frames. A gap of 4.5 mm in total must be provided for the installation of the sliding doors.




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